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30 March 2017History of the British Theatre
25 November 2016The Art of Collecting Art - Study Day 3 - NADFAS Chiltern Hills Area
03 November 2016The Post-Impressionist Rebellion: Cézanne, Seurat, Gauguin, and van Gogh
17 October 2016The Art of Collecting Art - Study Day 2 - NADFAS Chiltern Hills Area
20 September 2016The Art of Collecting Art - Study Day 1 - NADFAS Chiltern Hills Area
17 March 2016The Grand Tour and the Influence of Italy on English gardens
26 January 2016Area Study Day - Portrait, Landscape, Still Life: Major Genres in European Art History

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History of the British Theatre Andrew Davies Thursday 30 March 2017

In these three lectures, Andrew will explore the fascinating history of the British theatre, which has been at the centre of our lives and culture.

His first session will describe the beginnings from the Medieval Mystery Plays, through to Shakespeare and Inigo Jones’ court Masques.

He will then move on to the Restoration and Victorian period with reference to David Garrick, the growth of Theatre Royals outside London and the influence of fairground theatres and strolling players.

The final lecture takes from then up to the present day with Henry Irving, modern drama on radio and TV and the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company. So join us in what should be a fascinating day.